• My Vet

    Choose your local vet from the available list.
    Be able to contact them via the phone, email or website at a touch of a button.
    Your vet will be able to inform you of upcoming events such as half price hydrobath days or a clinic open day.
    Got an emergency? Google maps will help direct you to your vet clinic

  • My Pets

    Allows you to load all your pets information including worming product, microchip number, grooming style and dental care. You can also add reminder alerts from yearly birthday reminders to daily medication reminders.
    Email all your pets information at a touch of a button.

  • Pet Care

    General information, health tips, and advice about your favourite pet including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish and birds.
    Learn the gestation period of a guinea pig or the most common household dangers to your dog.

  • Reminders

    Set up your PocketVet app with as many reminders as your want. Yearly vaccination reminders, monthly worming reminders or even daily reminders for a short course of medication your vet may have prescribed.
    The app will alert you in the same way a text message might show up on your phone.

  • Directory

    Looking for a local groomer, a pet insurance company, boutique animal merchandise, a cattery or even pet friendly holiday accommodation? Search the directory for an ever increasing list of business with all things PET!
    Choose the business you want and press the map button to find out exactly where they are.

  • What's On

    We, the creators of PocketVet, will endeavor to alert you about any big animal events that are happening. Events like the Million Paws Walk and The Dog and Pony Show to the world renowned Garry Owen Equine Event. Check out "What's On" to find events in your local area.

  • Lost Pet

    PocketVet now helps you to try and find your lost pets. Simply add your lost pet to the app and we will alert all of the users within your vicinity that your pet is missing via push notification. The more eyes we have looking for our lost loved ones the better! More »

  • Off Leash

    Using your GPS location, PocketVet will show you the closest off leash dog park. Great when you are out walking your dog or even if you are travelling with your dog and are not sure where the local dog friendly areas are.