How does the PocketVet
'Lost Pet' feature work?

So you've lost your pet, and you want to find it again as soon as possible. We think the best chance you have is to let as many people in your local area know that your pet is missing. So we added a LOST PET ALERT to the PocketVet app...

Once you list your pet as LOST on the PocketVet app, PocketVet's clever database finds all of the Vet Clinics within a certain distance from where you last saw your pet, and sends out a push notification alert to all of the PocketVet users linked to those Vet Clinics.

Right now, in some areas, there could be over 500 PocketVet users that would be alerted to your lost pet... we think that the more eyes on the look out for your lost loved one, the greater the chance you have of being reunited with them.

PocketVet recommends you still make all the necessary phone calls to your local Vets, Council Rangers or Lost Pet Centres as part of the effort in finding your lost pet.

Make sure you get your friends and family to download our app too...

The more people we can add to the network, the greater this will work! Let everybody know, and share with all your friends on facebook and twitter to join in the lost pet patrol, powered by PocketVet.